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HCL – overnight network merger means business as usual
It’s our experience that blanket ICT support just doesn’t work for most businesses; instead - allocating resource of the right type at the right time creates valuable partnerships for PGL and our customers. 
‘Slotting in’ at the right level offers true value, an approach which characterises PGL’s work with Healthcare Locums PLC, one of the largest and fastest growing specialist healthcare recruitment businesses in the UK., one of the largest and fastest growing specialist healthcare recruitment businesses in the UK.
Certainly a company of HCL’s size has its own IT department, but faced with the logistical and technical challenges brought about by their acquisition of another company, a specialist approach was needed to merge networks without interruption to business.
Essentially, the project involved making two distinct systems work as one with seamless transition.
Planning was the key. We had two prime objectives: to amalgamate the networks and to migrate data; in addition – we had to provide new telephony for the merged offices.
And we planned to do all this overnight. At the end of a working day, we decommissioned IT at the premises of the acquired firm, then re-configured machines and merged the networks for 25 users at HCL’s offices.
Next morning – HCL employees arrived at work to find systems up and running perfectly. No software conflicts, no connectivity issues. New telephony and new extensions, plus old numbers re-directed to the new location.
The result for HCL – and HCL’s clients: a seamless network merger with no interruption of business in under 24 hours.
As HCL continue to grow and acquire medical staffing agencies to work under their umbrella, they work in partnership with PGL for their high level system development.
PGL – offering precise ICT support solutions, designed around your way of working.

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